SCORGANICS will serve you natural to nutritional food.

All over India more than 50,000 farmers associated with us, who are in cultivation of natural and pesticide free organically grown farm produce. Idea is to serve healthy hygienic farm products to the society at large directly from farm to home and give sustainable price to farmers as well as consumers and eliminate the brokers and bridge the gap.

  • Organic & Natural Farming
  • Organic & Natural Wholesale & Retail
  • E-commerce – Organics
  • Export-Import
  • Organic & Natural Food Chain

Future Projections

  • Scale up each district organic and natural farming in large scale.
  • Expand retail stores in each city to serve the masses.
  • Associate more franchise partners to serve every nook & the corner.
  • Add more products in export and imports to expand the horizon.
  • More research and develop for personalised nutritional plan and natural products in cosmetics.
  • Discover the natural food answer for humans all health issues.
  • Convert maximum Farmers from traditional to organic and natural farming.


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Naturally Grown Pesticide & Chemicals Free
Farm to Home Hygenic Food
Healty & Wholesome

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