SCORPIONS Earth is a consortium of 4 companies which was established in November 2011, a consortium of companies comprising platforms to serve the multiple sectors for sustainable growth by preserving the Nature and humanity.

SCORPIONS discover innovative talent constitutes a team of challengers, innovators, scientist, performers and perfectionist. Therefore with their expertise,experience and execution ,we can  honestly deliver the results on commitments, quality  with constant efforts of six sigma practices.

“Sketch to build the dreams of Infra world.”

  • Highways & Expressways
  • Airports and Ports Development
  • Tunnels & Bridges
  • Dams & Canals
  • Urban & Rural Townships

SCORPIONS expertise lies between planning and execution.

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Bulk Trading – Minerals, Metals & Latest Tech Equipments
  • IT solutions – High Tech Softwares
  • Export – Import
  • PMC

SCORGANICS serves you natural to nutritional food.”

  • Organic & Natural Farming
  • Organic & Natural Wholesale & Retail
  • E-commerce – Organics
  • Export-Import
  • Organic & Natural Food Chain

“Zero-mile of your air journey.”

  • Drone Surveys & Mapping
  • Surveillance & Data Mining
  • Drone Agriculture Management
  • Drone Infra & Mining Management
  • Air cargo & Passenger Hub


Our aim is to emerge a big corporate may be listed  in Forbes fortune 500 companies list, group planning to scale up business heights to reach across the horizon and be a major employer to the world with fair and ethical practices.


Our Mission is to serve society at large with honesty, ethical practices, innovative solutions, sustainable new ideas, practical approach beneficial to masses. Focus on projects related to basic need of the humanity such as Infra, water grid, green energy, healthy food,  mass cheap transport and technical solutions.


Create socio economic matrix, strengthening the marginalised, farmers, women’s, youth and rural part of the world. Education access to the last mile, generate employments, empower with skills, clean water, affordable housing and better lifestyle.


CEO’s Message

Nothing is impossible if you have confidence in you with passions to face failure after several attempts, always believe in try again and again to not to give up, then surely result will be positive. Success doesn’t mean loose or win but success is that what you have gone through the experience of hardship, decisions and outcome of your own strength assessment. Dream big with open eyes work hard don’t give up until you achieve upmost of your tested caliber.

Earth is a beautiful planet and human’s life is precious, to preserve both it’s need to understand the principal of the nature by sustainable way. Respect the nature and humanity, be committed for sustainable development which will benefit society at large and nature, strengthen the hand of marginal section pass on the knowledge, wisdom and prosperity for equality, socio economic development with sustainable growth.

Mr. Chandrashekhar